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Craig S. Higgins Photographer  

Craig S. Higgins
Owner & Photographer

I have always been fascinated by the "beauty of things". At an early age, my Father introduced me to the camera, and it was "love at first sight". While pursuing professions other than art, (though I consider what I did professionally, "art"), I always try to keep the spirit and light of the creative candle alive by observing the beauty all around me. It's there. We just need to stop long enough in our busy lives, be still and look.  Look around you for the miracles present in each day.  Express your own creativity in whatever way pleases you.  Listen to your own inner voice.  Hit the "mute" on your "remote" or tablet or phone and be still.  You will discover a Universe of wonder.  Take some time each day to be still; be silent; be aware; be "mindful"; be.....

Brooke Parker Higgins  

Brooke Parker Higgins
VP, Marketing & Sales

Like that of her father, Brooke Parker Higgins is a traveling bicoastal photographer. Brooke oversees all of the Marketing and Sales for Craig S. Higgins Photography. As a photographer, she began her artistic journey at the age of 5 following in father's footsteps, both sharing the same passion and love for taking photographs. You can view Brooke's photography at www.brookeparkerhigginsphotography.com